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City Guide Poznań

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Duration Polish


up to 1h 85 zł 160 zł
up to 2hrs 140 zł 240 zł
up to 3hrs 170 zł 300 zł
up to 4hrs 200 zł 340 zł
up to 5hrs 230 zł 380 zł
every next hour 40 zł 70 zł

The above rates do not include entrance fees to museums and other attractions. To see those rates go to admission fees.



Most popular routes


Poznań Feast Tour
Poznań Feast Tour Restaurant Vaults Tasting of Pierogi
Best Pierogi in the city Historical interiors St Martin croissants tasting
Poznań Feast Tour
Duration: 2h
Languages: PL | ENG | DE | RUS
Prices per person
groups 21+: 90zł/person
groups 16-20: 105zł/person
groups 10-15: 120zł/person
groups under 10: quoted individually
If you wish to go beyond traditional tours, combine sightseeing and traditional food tasting on Poznań Feast Tour. Our guides, dressed up in 17th C. costumes will take you to unique restaurants where you will taste and learn about traditional Polish dishes and drinks. The unique historical design at each restaurant and our historical anecdotes will create a realistic atmosphere where you will feel the legendary Polish hospitality to the full.

Bookings at least 2 days in advance
Rates for groups smaller than 10 people are negotiated individually.



Cathedral facade Baptismal font Mieszko I and Boleslavus the Brave Monument
Genius Loci Archeological Reserve Old Market Square St Martin Croissants
The Roots of Poznań
Duration: 3h
Price: 170zł PL / 300zł (ENG|DE|ESP|FR|RUS|ITA)/group
Croissant with coffee/tea: 16zł/person
The small Cathedral Island at the rivers Warta and Cybina is a thousand-year-old witness of Polish history. It was the seat and the burial place of the first duke and king. On this tour our guides will take you 5m underground and reveal to you the origins of Poland. You will then see the bustling Market Square where you can taste a local specialty - St. Martin Croissants.
You will see:
The Cathedral and its vaults*, archeological reserve**, Old Market Square, former Jesuit College, royal castle
*ticket 2,50zł/3,50zł, **ticket 4zł/6zł



Town Hall
Stallkeepers' Houses Famous Poznań goats Proserpina Fountain
Parish church altar Former Jesuit College St Martin Croissants
The Highlights of Poznań
Duration: 2h
Price: 140zł PL / 240zł (ENG|DE|ESP|FR|RUS|ITA)/group
Croissant with coffee/tea: 16zł/person
The bustling Old Market Square is a unique remnant of the prosperous 16th century. On this tour you will see the best-preserved highlights of this era including the historical Town Hall - the very landmark dubbed ''the best Renaissance piece north of the Alps”. Optionally you can end the tour with a tasting of a local specialty St. Martin Croissants.
You will see:
Town Hall*, Stallkeepers' Houses, City Scales, Parish Church and former Jesuit College, goats monument, Royal Castle,
Entrance ticket 5zł i 7zł/pers



Imperial Castle
Imperial districs - former stables The Grand Theatre The Lions Fountain
Emperor's throne Raczyński Library St. Martin Croissants
Conflict and Prosperity
Duration: 2h
Price: 140zł PL / 240zł (ENG|DE|ESP|FR|RUS|ITA)
Croissants with coffee: 16zł/person
The 19th and 20th century Poznań was a true battlefield, yet no blood was shed. It was a conflict of nations, one trying to dominate the other in business, culture, knowledge and ownership. During this tour we will show you the remnants of this fierce competition, starting right in the center of the Imperial District, which was built by the last German emperor Wilhelm II. You can end the tour with an optional tasting of a local specialty - St. Martin Croissant.
You will see:
Imperial District, Mickiewicz Square, Imperial Castle*, June '56 museum**, former Settlement Commission, Enigma Monument, Liberty Square
*entrance ticket: 10zł/group, ** entrance ticket 3 & 6zł/pers.

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